Ferris Heights United Methodist Church
Wednesday, April 17, 2024
In God's name... Build, Belong, Serve. It's Our Legacy!

Alpha Course


Alpha Introduction Dinner

Sometimes It’s easier not to ask a question, but at Alpha, we think life is worth exploring, so your questions are welcome no matter how ‘out there’ they are!

The Alpha is a ten-week course that covers the major concepts of the Christian faith in a fun, casual setting where it is safe to ask anything. No question is ever too simple or too difficult. 

Come join the Alpha Introduction Dinner and see what Alpha looks like!

Who is it For?       Everyone! 

When?            Wednesday, January 20, 6 PM

Cost?              Free

Where?           Wesley Hall @Ferris Heights United Methodist Church



For more information, contact 

Rev. John Han, pastorfhumc@gmail.com / 972.937.2344